Mar 11, 2010

Another Season, Another Year

Spring is, apparently, on the way. The ice is melting, snow is vanishing, I can even see a little grass in the backyard. We have our hopes up for this spring. With all the ice and snow, we might have enough water in the lake to make life difficult for the lilies and other invaders. In the right kind of world, we might even have some hope of a little fauna in the lake; fish, even.

Last year, turtles made a little bit of a comeback and we were serenaded all year by frogs. It has been a few years since frogs were as prominent in Savage Lake. It has been at least three years since Painted Turtles were in the lake in any quantities. Even snappers have been pretty rare for the last two years, something the ducks and geese don't mind. Five years ago, I took pictures of turtles on practically every dead tree branch in or near the lake. More recently, we have rarely spotted any sign of terrapin life in the lake. I'm hoping for a difference this year.

For the last couple of years, the great excuse for the terrible condition of Savage Lake has been "drought." At least we won't start with that excuse this year.