Apr 25, 2011

Spring or Not

I think it's spring on Savage Lake. I don't know for sure because there is a chance we'll get snow tomorrow night. However, last Friday I was working in my yard and heard a sound I haven't heard in years; loons calling. Sure enough, there were a pair of Great Northern Divers, or common loons, on our lake and they were very vocal.

We took the canoe out today and tried to get a few shots of the loons without scaring them off. As a photographer, I suck. But the birds tried to accommodate us and, at least, I came away with evidence if not with memorable nature shots.

Yesterday, we made the same trip and I only wish I had thought of a camera then. We saw the two loons, egrets, herons, geese, wood ducks, mallards, red-wing blackbirds, cardinals, snapping turtles, muskrats, deer, and hawks. One of the loons put on a show of feathers that made me decide to try the lake again, today, in case it happened again. No such luck, but they did seem pretty unconcerned by our presence and kept at their diving and swimming while we paddled around the lake.

With all the freeway noise, it's hard to hear the bird song from our lake, but it's out there and would be a shame to lose it. The lilies are about to make their damned appearance and the milfoil is already making a run for dominance. Hopefully we can get a head start on beating back the lilies this year and our lake will stay recreational all year.