Jul 7, 2010

Lily Eradication

The plan to clear a good bit of our lake with herbicide is in place and the city is ready to pay for permits and the necessary materials. Once the permits are approved, John Bibeau and I are going to apply the herbicide by canoe. The city has sent a letter, with application forms included, to all of the west side lake shore owners, which must be completed and returned to the city by July 12, if you want to have your property's water access joined to the central lake area. The central areas will be cleared regardless of how many lakeshore owners request boating and recreational access.

Filling out the blanks in the form may be slightly tricky, if you don't know the length of your shoreline or the distance from your property to the proposed cleared central area or the 10' channel that will be cleared around the island. I talked to Joel Hansen about the values needed in the form and he said the DNR isn't looking for precise numbers, particularly for the distance from your property to the cleared central areas, but he provided a great resource for getting approximate numbers: the Ramsey County GIS Users Group and the mapping resource available at that site (http://maps.metro-inet.us/RamseyCoGIS/CXviewer.htm#). Give the form your best estimate and get it in on time.

Even if you know the information requested in this form, I recommend you bookmark these sites for future reference.