Sep 11, 2014

More Backup from Our State Senator

Nobody has been a more consistent supporter of our beleaguered lake, over the years we’ve lived here, than Senator Bev Scalze. She has gone after state bureaucrats, local officials, and other state politicians any time we have asked for her help. This time, she is asking Department of Transportation Charles Zelle and Governor Dayton why the construction project in our backyards is so different from any other freeway project in past history. MnDot has clearly decided that Little Canada is a non-entity and that our city and neighborhoods are their dumping ground. In this election year, I’d expect to see some kind of response from Governor Dayton that would reflect evidence that he has some comprehension of the damage his MnDOT goons are doing to our neighborhood.

Scalze letter 1Scalze letter 2

Personally, after the “Unweave the Weave” project turned out to be such a fiasco and contributed nothing but confusion to the intersection of I35E and I694, I’d like to see someone with actual freeway construction skills oversee any major project undertaken by MnDOT. Based on my own travel experience and the sorry mess our freeways have become tanks to MnDOT’s inabilities, I have to suspect that few MnDOT “engineers” have ever visited cities that have actual traffic congestion.

Thank you, once again, Senator Scalze.