May 22, 2008

Changing the Lake's Name

To add insult to injury, H.F. No. 2503, was introduced to change Savage Lake's name (and the names of 13 other Minnesota towns, lakes, and rivers) to the "less offensive" "Gathering Natives Lake." Other than the ridiculous politically correct aspect to this new name, my biggest complaint is that there is apparently no interest from natives in this lake and no evidence of any attempt by government to protect this lake that, supposedly, has historic value. The state and federal government piled dirt on the lake in order to kill the lake's stream source and to build the I35E "bridge." That was done in such a hurry that no effort to determine if historic relics were present could be made. Personally, I think the "savages" the lake's name refers to would be the government officials who have ravaged the lake.

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