Jul 25, 2009

New Developments

At the last Little Canada City Council meeting, July 22, Rocky Waite attempted to revive the issues surrounding our abused little lake, especially the west side (from here on referred to as the "Poor Side" of Savage Lake). Apparently, the City Council thinks it has much more important issues than the decimated condition of our lake. Inspired by their comments, I hiked 80 copies of a page I'd printed some time ago; advertising this webpage as a resource for Savage Lake residents.

Currently, the Savage Lake Association Blog site receives about a dozen visitors a month. Each entry is currently automatically sent to ten "interested parties." That's the maximum number of email contacts Google allows a blogger. So, if you are currently on that list and you'd like to be sure you continue receiving this information, I'd appreciate it if you'd use either the "Follow" button below "Registered Lake Shore Owners" or have the blog relayed to your Google or Yahoo! email account through the "Subscribe" link. Eventually, I hope to cycle the names in the email list to include more interested parties.

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