Aug 4, 2009

Who They Represent

The sad status of our lake has made me wonder who works for us and who doesn't? So, I created a map of where our mayor, city council members, and city employees live (as best I could based on city information and the white pages). The results were interesting. Most interesting is that the White Pages has John Keis listed as a St. Paul resident (533 Brimhall St, St. Paul, MN) while he lists his residence as 3094 Payne Avenue on the Little Canada website.

I was a little surprised to see that two council members, Shelly Boss and Michael McGraw, live on the poor side of the freeway (Boss lives at 62 Bryan Street East and McGraw is listed at 179 Little Canada Road East). That's encouraging, if a little difficult to understand. Rick Montour, Joel Hanson and Bill Blesener live almost exactly where I would I would have predicted.

My difficulty is in understanding how their positions on our lake can be so hostile to our side of the lake and so unconcerned with its condition. Honestly, I expected them all to live wrapped around Gervais Lake, which also depends to a mild degree on the water supply collected by the poor side of Savage Lake.

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That's a little Creepy!