Dec 12, 2009

Wild Turkeys in the Trees

I admit I'm totally unfamiliar with northern wild turkeys. I've been around the southwest variety most of my life, but apparently northern turkeys are a lot more capable bird than the southern breed. On an October morning, we had almost a dozen wild turkeys roosting in our trees. I don't mean on low branches. I mean they were perched near the top of our tallest cottonwoods and maple trees, at least 30' feet from the ground. I didn't even know turkeys could fly, let alone fly so high.


Anonymous said...

We saw about 8 or 10 of these guys walking on your side of the street toward the corner lot a couple of weeks ago and figured they might be roosting in your backyard. Thanks for sharing those great pictures and letting us see them again.

Rocky and Nancy

Anonymous said...

T. W.,

It's amazing that those turkeys can fly up so high. We surely enjoy watching them in the area.

Nice to hear from you.

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