Mar 9, 2012

Safety Issue

This is off of the subject of our depleted lake resource, but every time I walk this route I'm reminded of how dangerous a neighborhood can become. At the intersection of Jackson and Demont (See figure at right, marker "A"), there is a pedestrian crosswalk. In the 15 years I have lived in this neighborhood I have yet to see a single vehicle stop for pedestrians in that intersections. I have, however, seen cell-phone impaired drivers tear through the intersection while students from the high school try to cross that street even to the point of seeing one zombie in a club-cab pickup nearly wipe out a girls' running team. Sadly, even the Ramsey County Sheriff's department deputies don't appear to recognize the pedestrian right-of-way. Sooner or later, someone is going to get killed at that intersection and we should all do whatever we can to prevent that tragedy.

Between notifying the sheriff's department (651/248-2449 or and the Metropolitan Council ( and 651/602-1721) we ought to be able to get some attention paid to this intersection.

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