Aug 29, 2014

Confirmation, Finally

One of the things “Transportation Ombudsman Officer,” Marcell Walker (, 651-366-3340) had promised back in early August was a letter from MNDOT confirming the construction schedule and informing residents of the noise expectations. He'd said that MNDOT's procedure was to make that announcement before construction began, but since they failed that he promised that he'd do what he could to make it happen eventually.

All last week, I'd considered calling or emailing Marcell to see if he'd found any of the construction schedule information or managed to raise a living mind at MNDOT to get that letter sent. I received my copy ("to current resident") on Wednesday. Now, we have a couple of things: including the "project website", the nightwork project schedule, a project hotline (612/284-1781), and confirmation of the noise wall schedules.

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