Oct 31, 2014

What A Concept

We’ve all received a trash barrel full of political crap this season. The Koch brothers are buying as many votes as Faux News will allow and even our local state representative race is being financed by those pure evil corporate welfare queens. I’m at the point where I go straight from my mailbox to the recycling can and bring practically nothing into the house. I’m really looking forward to November 3.

Today, there was an exception. Christian Torkelson’s Little Canada To-Do list in his “Things I’ve Heard from Residents” was a breath of fresh air. I haven’t seen anything that optimistic or ambitious regarding the city of Little Canada since Matt Anderson was on the council. I suspect we won’t be city residents long enough to see any of this great stuff proposed in the council, but I really hope a good bit of it happens. This is a terrific town and it deserves to be as well represented and regarded as Mr. Torkelson’s list indicates. No matter who wins, Christian has put his finger on the exact right list of critical items to be dealt with:



Anonymous said...

The attention your blog is bringing to this nasty little ditch is drawing away funds and efforts from real lakes like Gervais and Round Lakes and our city parks. We'll be glad to see you gone and I hope no one takes over your pathetic blog. Savage is nothing more than a catch basin for freeway runoff as it should be.

Thomas Day said...

I'd love to be able to say I'm surprised at this response, but I'm not. An often missed fact about lakes like Savage is the idea that everything upstream from "real lakes like Gervais" flows downstream. The water contamination, the invasive species, and the allowed environmental damage to Savage Lake will work its way to Gervais. For example, spending millions to clear Gervais of milfoil and surface scum is wasted when Savage continues to provide seeds for those contaminates into the stream that feeds Gervais.

The freeway does need "catch basins," but they should be designed to prevent existing waterways. Using our lake as a wastewater pond is not only illegal but short sighted. Many of us have designed our yards around providing natural plant "filters" and improving drainage to keep yard contaminates from the lake. That work seems pointless if the state is going to dump freeway crap straight into the lake.

It always amazes me when people disregard their most precious resources. Your response adds to that.