Dec 4, 2015

Heiruspecs: On the Ground Official Video

More of a place marker than anything, but part of this Heiruspecs' music video was recorded in our Little Canada house. If you were ever in our old (1885 foundation) home, you might recognize Elvy's basement studio, the basement family room, our living room, and the kitchen.

The family room, where the drums were filmed for this video, was also a drum booth when I recorded a couple of bands in the house about ten years ago. There was, at one time, a 12-in, 3-out tieline run from the attic studio to the basement for that purpose. I also had an 8-in, 3-out tieline into the living room (where some of the vocals and the bass was filmed). Two separate several-day long recording sessions (one for Jack Smith and the Persuaders' CD and one for "The Las Vegas Wedding Blues" soundtrack --a never completed film score for a movie that died stillborn) were all it took to convince me I'm too old and cranky to put up with musicians in my home. I pulled the tie lines and restricted the rest of my recording activity in the house to solo instruments and voice-over work (all of the MMSC motorcycle safety PSAs from 2002 until 2012, for example) in the attic isolation booth. The "studio" area in the attic contained my control area and CDs for the Roseville String Ensemble, CDs and audio-for-video for dozens of live Bethel College orchestra performances, the A-V production of Motorcycling Minnesota television programs, and a collection of live pop band recording mixes came out of that attic studio.
As part of my marketing for the house, I compiled a collection of pictures taken over the past decade and posted it on YouTube (see below). The soundtrack, by David Santistevan, was mixed and mastered in my studio. If you are patient, you can see some half-decent pictures of the studio being built and how it was used. There is at least one really great professional shot of the studio area after it had been emptied out, when the place was up for sale, and after we were moved out.

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