Aug 19, 2010

Notice of Rodeo Application

Saturday morning at 6:30AM will be our start time. We looked at today and tomorrow's weather and chickened out. 60% chance of rain for both this evening and tomorrow.

Correction notice:
We're going to get started with the spraying in the middle of the 2.5 acre circle in the middle of the lake, and work outward. The work will probably take all weekend, off and on, as weather and wind permits, since we are applying by small sprayer and canoe.We're still short a usable GPS unit and if you'd like to help with the chemical application, the more the merrier.

Name: Tom Day
Permit #: 10F-3A912
Treatment Periods: Saturday between 6:30AM and 6PM
Phone: 651-415-2992
T.W. Day

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