Aug 19, 2010

Using the Lake Regardless of a Few Plants

On the lighter side, a pair of lake shore residents appear to using the lake without impediment. It makes me feel like a total wimp to see these folks out enjoying a summer afternoon while I'm spending my time whining about a few plants.

Will wrote, "While I was disappointed not to see you out there, I did manage to snap a photograph of two Savage Lake residents enjoying the lake. (see attached.) I wanted to ask them if their permit application has been approved, but they were too busy to stop and chat."

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Anonymous said...

From: Joel Hanson
Sent: Friday, August 20, 2010 9:38 AM
Subject: RE: Le Petit Canadien - 'Caught on the Lake'

We would be happy to run this photo, but it doesn't appear the water craft is licensed. It also appears there may be some aquatic weed removal occurring and if this isn't a direct path to the property, then that would also be a violation. As a result, I think we will pass on running the photo as I don't want to get anyone in trouble:)

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To: Joel Hanson
Subject: Le Petit Canadien - 'Caught on the Lake'


We thought you might like to consider using this photo in a future issue of Le Petit Canadian - the Little Canada City Newsletter & Recreation Guide. It occurs to us that 'Caught on the Lake' as a companion column to the 'Caught in the Park' feature would broaden the coverage of recreational activities and opportunities in Little Canada. This, of course, is a 'before' photograph. This time next year, when we take the 'after' photographs, we expect to see Savage Lake residents seated in their watercraft with the horizon clearly visible in the background.

Thank you for all your help in obtaining the permits for the water lily treatment.

The Marsh Family